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New Plain Leather Belt Snap-On Removable Buckle Solid Unisex Men's Women's

New Plain Leather Belt Snap-On Removable Buckle Solid Unisex Men's Women's
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Product Description

Impress your friends, co-workers and family with this very stylish and sharp looking genuine leather belt strap. Do you have a favorite buckle? With the easy snap system you can interchange your buckle of choice. This belt looks great on jeans and dressier pants as well! Comfortable on the waist, complement your unique fashion sense with this versatile and durable belt.

Reasonably priced genuine leather interchangeable belt with robust snaps. The leather belt strap (approx. 1.37"/3,5 cm) is available in an array of colors and nearly all sizes (also plus sizes.)

The belt has been constructed with stable snaps which allow you to easily switch out the buckle as often as you please.

A fantastic interchangeable belt for your collection of belt buckles!

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Interchangeable belt, interchangeable buckle, snap system, belt without buckle, This belt is ~1.37"/3,5 cm More information about cool-belt-buckles-shop belts:

Style you can count on. For over 20 years, our products have been synonymous with style, fashion and quality. You can trust in our family-run business. 100% real leather stands for exceptional design, lasting durability and one-of-a-kind texture. Please note our information about the belt-order-size! Waist measurement = belt-order-size. The actual length of the belt IS NOT the belt-order-size.



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